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omg i should really be sleeping right now lol. however, mod post!
so..i noticed a few things while i was watching the community's profile..

we're so close to have 1.000 comments received and we're close to have 100 posts. thank you to everyone who comment and our makers who make their flawless posts!

we have 250+ members and 230 watchers!! thank you so much!
now something for the mods, PLEASE remember to add tags and make sure they are the right tags for your posts, as in your maker tag, the icons tag and the subjects your post is about! here it is some help/reminder:
!mod post, requests, etc (for important things).
!type: psd, icons, banner, header, etc
!maker: username of the maker
female/male/movie/ship/tv: for most of our tags.
random: if something doesn't fit in any of the tags.

you can always ask for new tags if you're sure you'll be using that tag. please ask for new tags only if you will use that tag more than like 5 times, we don't need tags we don't use.
if you want to affiliate with us click
here. please help us to get more known/members aka pimp out the community, for everyone who will pimp out the community i'll make 3 personal icons! just be sure to post the link to the entry where you promoted us.
promo banners:

i think that's it..oh and if you don't see some pics in the comm profile/sidebar don't worry it's imagehost being stupid, they'll eventually come back or i'll re-upload them.

joe jonas/taylor lautner's love child tyfyt.
Tags: !affiliate, !mod post, !promo
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