i had the time of my life lolling at trolls w/ u ♡ (dashuzza) wrote in wildchildicons,
i had the time of my life lolling at trolls w/ u ♡

big suggestion/mod post

this is a suggestion post for ALL the makers, so not just a maker in particular. this is NOT a request post, so don't expect everything you suggested to be done or anything. this is a post to help~ makers that have no inspirations lately and need a few suggestions. feel free to suggest anything you desire to be posted in this community! try to stick with our tags though. i don't know suggest tv shows/movies/videos/people that you'd like to be iconed, so then makers can decide whether or not to make icons based on these suggestions.

plus i wanted to thank you all because we now have 487 members!!! thank you all so much ♥
Tags: !mod post, !suggestion
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