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Community dedicated mostly to icons, find animated and still icons made by our makers!
Welcome to wildchildicons! This is a graphic community created by dashuzza on 04|03|2010. Every entry is locked, if you want to see the entries join/watch the community! If you want to affiliate with us/find our promo banners click here.
disneytortillas, rbilson_daily, alittleholey, saycrackagain, 78_violet, lovatopartyy, littleritterz, magicalgifs, sedgwicked.
dashuzza, laughwithlele, stay_tuned_4, callmedragonbby, ohkayhai, joinmymisery, redd7293.
If you need help on how to credit check out this banner, click. Remember to credit the community and/or the maker if you take and use our icons. Also if you take, but even if you just like the icons, please comment! It encourage the makers want to post more and it's polite to at least say thank you if you take something. don't hotlink, if you hotlink the icons may not be available in the future and you won't be able to see them anymore (and no one wants to re-upload them so be careful)! Save to your own pc and re-upload the icon/banner using a hosting site. Thanks for visiting.

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